World Entrepreneurs Network


The WEN board of directors has decided to disband the WEN organization.  There were several reason behind the decision. The primary reason was our own time constraints, we had all become involved in startups and businesses which left little, if any time to operate WEN.  Because of that constraint we did not have funding, which made it difficult to provide certain services to you the members.

There will be no future WEN meetings.  We will maintain the web site for at least another year, which will leave the current resources available.

We want to thank the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development for being our first supporter and providing us with a meeting room for the last seven years.  Leander Economic Development provided a meeting space for several years.  Cedar Park has been a great partner in providing a meeting room for many years and helping with other aspects of WEN.  Without the foresight of Charley Ayers, Larry Holt, and Kirk Clennan WEN would have never launched and been the valuable resource to the community that it was for the past seven years.  Thanks to all the other Wilco Chambers and Economic Development organizations and people that supported us through the years.

We have some long time sponsors too.  Constant Contact has provided us with out newsletter service the entire time.  Comerica Bank Round Rock has always provided us with banking service.  Time Warner Cable sponsored our Holiday Socials and Verizon Mobile was a sponsor of several socials.

We do want to give a special thank you to Bronwyn Kutsch for being a wonderful administrator and programs director.  Bronwyn single handedly schedule speakers for our Round Rock and Cedar Park meetings.  She kept up with all things entrepreneurial in the Austin area and kept us all informed.  She basically ran WEN for the last two years.