Turnstone sponsors speakers at RISE Austin 2012

Posted by ClintEschberger on March 22, 2012

Turnstone sponsors speakers at RISE Austin 2012

March 22, 2012 at 10:05 AM

Remember - RISE is next week - no WEN meeting - sign up for RISE presentations HERE.

Speakers from WEN presenting at RISE

Turnstone sponsors speakers at RISE Austin 2012

Our desire is to be the small company owner’s workspace companion – a partner who makes the process of getting, living-in, and evolving harder working spaces a pleasure.

We passionately believe that Space Matters. It can inspire people to do great things. To engage one-another. To think more deeply. To innovate and make a difference. This is what motivates us at Turnstone. Because great companies don't just happen. They're crafted. And great spaces are part of great companies.

Turnstone began as a ‘start-up’ inside our much larger parent company, Steelcase.  The intent was (and still is) to understand, research, and develop insights around larger, global corporations, and apply them to small companies. We believe in the power of small companies and their ability to bring positive social and economic change to our communities. We also believe that the smart use of space can help make them even more effective, fun to work for, and influential.

RISE Global is an exciting organization equally passionate about fueling innovation and empowering entrepreneurs. Turnstone is proud to once again be a sponsor of RISE Week in Austin.  From hosting sessions on the Turnstone Bus to participating in the Closing Awards Bash, Turnstone supports RISE and its week-long program to inspire entrepreneurs.

Turnstone will be a host for the following sessions at the Turnstone Bus March 27-29:

March 27:

10:00   Ellie Scarborough - Sharing Your Story through Video: How to Make Huge Impact on Your Brand & Your Bottom Line
12:00   Sherry Lowry - Mentors Of The Future: Do You Want To Be One or To Find One?
2:00    Leslie Hancock - PowerPointless: Interactive and Innovative Presentation Techniques to Engage Any Audience

March 28:

10:00   Lisa Brooks - Space Matters: How Brand & Culture Affect Your Growing Business
12:00   Sharon Munroe - The Value Primary of Primary Research for Strategy and Decision-Making
2:00     Lindsay Franklin - Touch points & Technology

March 29:

10:00   Robert Felps - How to Start a Small Business
12:00   Clint Eschberger - Do It Yourself Technology
2:00     Dustin Sparks - What so many ecommerce stores keep getting wrong. - Do these before spending any $$ on SEO or PPC